Self-Driving cars are seemingly in the news every single week. It’s a rare occasion in which we hear nothing about autonomous technology, or new laws shifting and changing, or any of the myriad of manufacturers who are working on redefining the way we drive and get about. Mercedes are of course at the very forefront of this movement, working on the latest cutting edge technology to make our increasingly mobile lives easier. With the news of the new Mercedes Benz S Class, and its array of autonomous controls, the future may be here by winter THIS year!

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So, while the forthcoming, facelifted S Class isn’t quite completely autonomous, its range of self-driving and self-operating systems is truly staggering, leading us to believe we are on the brink of a true self-driving revolution.

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The Active Distance function, together with a new Active Speed Limit Assist System, a Distronic cruise control, and Active Steering, Braking, Emergency Stopping and Lane Changing Assist solutions make driving the S Class a truly unique experience. Able to automatically adhere to both temporary and permanent speed limits and adjust the speed according to your environment (approaching a motorway exit, for example) and route (reading the sat nav to anticipate corners or other areas where you’ll be braking – and doing the job for you) will mean a safer, easier journey for all.

Lenses are mounted across the dashboard and even on the windscreen, allowing for the scanning of road signs and other environment-specific obstacles, feeding this information into the system and allowing it to react accordingly.

2017: A Driving Odyssey

There’re even options to alter the ‘character’ of the autonomous technology, giving drivers the option to switch between ‘Eco’, ‘Comfort’ and ‘Sport’ modes. Meanwhile, there’s even a autonomous steering system which can take the wheel for 30 seconds or less – a limit purportedly only in place due to current legal restrictions.

Are we seeing Mercedes birth the beginning of a driving and mobility revolution? Are you excited for self-driving cars? Or do you have other opinions on how we’ll get about in the world of tomorrow? Stay tuned to Sandown Mercedes for more news updates!

Added: 21 March 2017

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