There she is, is the showroom's pride of place
Exotic, oozing style, ready to make a pass. 
Such elegant lines, such a pretty face
She's all mine, she's my very own B-Class!

Not Oxford, not Navy, but Cavansite Blue, 
A very striking colours, she stands out
With her new exciting hue, 
She'll turn heads I have no doubt. 

Settling into the comfort of her arms, 
Her eyes are piercing ever vigilant and bright. 
If we go too close she sounds alarms,
Relaxed, content we drive off into the night. 

That is not all, she has eyes in the back of her head
She's agile, she's so clever. 
When things get tough she can park for me instead, 
She's all mine, she's mine forever! 

Let me tell you what you're dying to know
Her name, yes Mercedes is her name. 
Pretty Mercedes she is, wait a mo, 
Companion of Carmen, fiery gypsy of opera fame. 

Mercedes is my loyal companion too
B is for beauty, not fiery but she's fast! 
Even though she tells me where to go, what to do, 
I'll wager that our friendship should lovingly last. 

Written by a loyal customer of our Salisbury Retailer. 
* Image featured is not exact vehicle featured in poem. 

Added: 21 November 2016

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