Sandown Opening Hours

We would like to that the opportunity to wish you a very safe and merry festive season.

The opening hours across this period for all Sandown Retailers except Mercedes-Benz of Guildford are shown below. In light of the government tier restrictions, Mercedes-Benz of Guildford will be open for Sales in a virtual capacity; After Sales will remain open.

  • Thursday 24th December - 2pm close
  • Friday 25th December - closed
  • Saturday 26th December - closed
  • Sunday 27th December - normal hours (sales only)
  • Monday 28th December - 10am - 4pm (sales only)
  • Tuesday 29th December - normal hours
  • Wednesday 30th December - normal hours
  • Thursday 31st December - 2pm close
  • Friday 1st January - closed
  • Saturday 2nd January - normal hours

If you have any questions or are in need of assistance when we are closed you can contact Mercedes-Benz Assistance on 00800 1777 7777 or our Sandown Accident Line on 0330 124 2715.

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