Added: 17 January 2017

The Detroit Motor Show is home to a huge range of exciting model reveals, new technology announcements, and plenty more from the biggest manufacturers in the industry. Of course, Mercedes-Benz put in a hefty appearance, debuting their brand new, incredible looking 2017 Mercedes E-Class Coupe.

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AMG Line

The best version of the best coupe will be appearing in the UK in April; that’s the AMG Line trim variant, that comes with a 191 bhp E220d diesel engine, a huge 240bhp E400 petrol engine or a monstrous 328bhp E400 4MATIC. Prices are reported to start at £40,135, ranging up to £50,775.


Pillarless doors are just the beginning of the new E-Class’ striking aesthetics, with LED lights, sleek elongated tail lamps and a Bezier curve-like roofline, a longer and wider body shape and larger wheel base; it’s an arresting silhouette. Inside, high-tech 12.3 inch screens create a HUD-style windscreen instrument and infotainment centre, while the leather wrapped wheel and typical top standard Mercedes nuances make the cabin a nice place to be, no matter the traffic or the length of the journey.


The nine-speed auto gearbox is standard across the range of the new E-Class coupes, and coupled with the Dynamic Body Control suspension or Air Body Control suspension options, make for a drive that is truly, uniquely prestigious.

As one of the most alluring option in the saloon range, the E-Class has long been supremely popular. As an AMG-Line coupe, we’re certain it’ll resonant with new and long-standing Mercedes drivers alike. Interested in the current E-Class range? Want to know more about forthcoming Mercedes models and current deals? Give your nearest Sandown Mercedes dealer a call today, and our friendly team will be more than happy to help!