Added: 23 December 2016

Dubbed the G-Wagen by its fans the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has been spied on the roads looking to have had a vast redesign even from the disguise of it’s camouflage skin. The iconic Mercedes SUV is set for a major update during 2017 and here at Sandown Mercedes-Benz we want to give you an update on all of the latest updates to the longstanding model.

First introduced back in 1979 the off-roading SUV has become legendary and for that reason the updated model will not take huge design leaps. The much-loved traditional and authentic box-style design featuring a spare wheel on the boot as well as squared off wheel arches all remain firmly in place, it’s under the skin which takes the importance.

The upcoming version has more of a focus on improving comfort, practicality as well as on-road performance which highlights the shift in target market to not just be focusing on those after an off-road model. The new G-Class is set to be wider than the outgoing model by around 100mm due to a revised platform underpinning the model; the increase in space should allow for both improvements in handling and stability as well as interior passenger space in the updated cabin. Even though the size is set to increase the use of lighter construction materials means the kerb weight is set to reduce which in turn combined with refreshed engine options should produce an overall more efficient model.

Whilst the model is set to be more efficient than the outgoing one, there is also set to be an AMG version which would house the 4.0-litre V8 twin-turbo engine where it currently resides in the AMG E63 and produces 604bhp! The output may of course change when placed within the 4x4 G-Class however, that is yet to be announced.

It’s likely the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class will launch during the latter half of next year and Germany’s prestigious Frankfurt Motor Show is likely to be the venue for the grand unvei. However, keep your eyes peeled for more updates from Sandown Mercedes between now and then!