Franchised dealers are overwhelmingly regarded as best in class for vehicle servicing, a new survey has revealed.

The survey, conducted by Public Knowledge and commissioned by the National Franchised Dealers Association, polled 1,000 people across the UK.  It found that 67% of consumers think a franchised dealership is the safest place to service their car, up from 64% in the previous survey conducted six months ago.  Only 22% of consumers saw independent garages as the safest, while just 11% believed that national High Street chains were the safest.

Consumer perception of the friendliness of franchised dealerships has also risen significantly in the past six months, as has the perception of value.

When asked why they viewed franchised dealers as safer, the most popular responses were:

?  The have specialist expertise for the type of work I need.
?  They have technical equipment and systems for my type of car.

“It is extremely encouraging to see that franchised dealers continue to be seen as the safest place to get a car serviced”, NFDA Director Sue Robinson said.  “The results show that NFDA members are trusted by consumers and, with high levels of manufacturer training and specialist tools/equipment, we believe this trend can further improve.”

The ‘average price paid’ for the last service was similar across all three types of provider, with the franchised dealer sector actually marginally cheaper:

?  Franchised dealer:  ?146
?  Independent garage:  ?147
?  National High Street chain:  ?151

Satisfaction levels at franchised dealerships remained high, with 79% of customers saying they were satisfied with their last experience, the same as in the previous survey.  Looking at responses from regular users of franchised dealers, satisfaction levels increase significantly to 93%, six percentage points up on six months ago.

The top five reasons for choosing franchised dealers have not changed.  They are seen as specialists in the type of car.  Furthermore, customers trust them, they can rely on the quality of the service provided, and they consider them knowledgeable and the specialists for the type of work required.

Added: 06 November 2017

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