Check Out Our Tips on Easy Ways to Fill Up Your Screen Wash!

Topping up your windscreen washer fluid is one of the most basic and necessary elements of looking after your car, ensuring you can maintain full visibility out your front and back windscreens at all times. But what are the best ways to fill up your washer fluid without any unwanted mess or hassle? We share our top tips.

1. The basics: buy washer fluid. Locate the washer fluid filler cap.

You can purchase windscreen washer fluid from petrol garages, supermarkets, DIY stores etc. It’ll either come ready-to-use or in concentrated form – if it’s the latter you’ll need to add water as directed on the bottle.
Locating your washer fluid filler cap should be easy – park on flat ground if possible, make sure the engine is off and handbrake is on and flip your bonnet open. The screen wash filler cap will often (but not always) be blue and will have a diagram of a windscreen being sprayed (as pictured right) on it.
Seems easy so far, right? The tricky part can be pouring your screen wash in without any sticky spillages, particularly if it’s in a large, full container. The following techniques can make life a little easier:

2. Fill your screen wash with a cut in half pop bottle

This is a great tip for if your washer fluid comes ready mixed in a large container – and you don’t have a funnel. Simply cut in half a 2 litre pop bottle with scissors and take the lid end. Remove cap and insert the neck into the entrance to your washer fluid reservoir – and ta da! A make-shift funnel which you can pour the screen wash into. Try to pour slowly, and if possible, get someone else to hold your ‘funnel’. It’ll make life easier.
 Most windscreen fluid contains chemicals which are harmful to humans and animals, so using half a bottle holds the benefit of being able to dispose of your ‘funnel’ after use.

3. Fill Screen Wash with a Watering Can

Another easy way to fill up your screen wash is with an old watering can. You can also use this to mix your washer fluid with water if it comes in concentrated form. However, we wouldn’t recommend watering your plants with it afterwards unless thoroughly cleaned out with a harmless detergent – the chemicals in washer fluid could be highly damaging to your garden and any visiting animals or children!

4. Use a funnel to top up your washer fluid

Of course, the easiest way to fill your windscreen washer fluid may be with a funnel, which can often be purchased alongside your screen wash. If you need to mix your screen wash with water, you can do so in an old bottle. Then simply insert your funnel and pour until the screen wash reaches the fill line.

Added: 31 May 2016

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