Added: 22 September 2017

Disturbing London, the 360 entertainment company founded by Dumi Oburota and Tinie Tempah, and smart, the iconic car brand, announce the launch of two unique BRABUS for two models; a luxe rose gold and black matt design with rose gold accents and exclusive leather interiors. 

One of the main inspirations for this design was the 'offshore' model by luxury timepiece brand Audemara Piguet, one of the oldest luxury watch brands in the world. Known for their high craftsmanship, they have added rubber straps to their classic designs in order to adapt to the new consumer. 

Other brands that have inspired the aesthetic include Converse. A simple footwear brand that can be dressed up or down and has evolved with the times but the silhouette has stayed the same. The Disturbing London smarts take on the same idea with a classic, unisex design through the mix of rose gold and black matt. 

This is how the new luxe is perceived, it is muted, it is exclusive, it is complex but simple -it is 'simplexity says Dumi Oburota. 

To celebrate the creation of the two smart Disturbing London cars, smart have produced a limited number of smart BRABUS sport fortwo coupe and forfour Disturbing London editions. 

These smart Disturbing London editions take designs cues from the collaboration, and include rose gold accent details, creating a striking, stylish and dynamic appearance to the interior and exterior of the cars. 

smart fortwo Disturbing London

smart forfour Disturbing London