Added: 06 July 2018

With less than nine months to go before Britain is due to leave the European Union, 80% of consumers say Brexit is not a factor in their next car purchase decision.

Only around 5% said they were now delaying a purchase decision, while a further 11% said they would ‘wait and see’ if Brexit makes any difference to their economic circumstances.

There was a small difference between younger and older car buyers, with people up to the age of 34 more likely to have already delayed a car purchase on the basis of Brexit uncertainty but this represented only 6.5% of those questioned.

The poll of around 1,000 motorists was conducted by, which said the responses were largely unchanged from two years ago when the company ran a similar survey.

“Despite growing unease among many large businesses about the economic arrangements with the EU when Britain leaves next year the vast majority of online car buyers seem to be unconcerned,” Managing Director Austin Collins said.