Added: 30 November 2016

Chief at Mercedes-AMG, Tobias Moers, has stated that the company will match the power of the Mercedes Formula 1 car with its latest hypercar. Speaking at the LA Motor Show, Mears insisted that the firm were planning the production of the mind-blowing 1000bhp hypercar that would put it at the forefront of the supercar market.  When interviewed, Moers also suggested that the model will be very exclusive, with only 200 to 300 of the models set to make production.

The German manufacturer’s hypercar had first been leaked by outgoing Research and Development manager Thomas Weber, ahead of the Paris Motor Show two months ago.  The new model will be part of a growing arsenal that will see the AMG range expand by another 10 models through 2017.

The new Mercedes-AMG hypercar will be fully powered by the current Formula 1 powertrain in its entirety.  The 1.6 litre engine will have the technology required to use both forms of energy recovery seen within the race version.  This means it will be equipped with a MGU-K system that converts mechanical and heat energy into electrical energy to deployed as and when necessary, whilst the MGU-H system will also convert heat from the exhaust into electrical energy.

The car will mark the first time a genuine technology has been taken directly from race track and put on a car on the public roads.  Background work has been steadily developing that means, according to Moers, it will be in dealerships with the next two or two and a half years.  This indicates that we could get a full-scale prototype version of the hypercar within the next year for us to ogle at.

The F1 engine the prototype will be equipped with will be very slightly modified for road use. A minor detuning will mean that the engine is more durable, and more adept to everyday road life.  One thing that remains to be seen is how the German giants will make the car compliant with emission laws, although we are sure the powers that be at Mercedes-AMG will have an ace up their sleeve.  The other intriguing issue for the firm to consider, is what transmission to twin the monstrous engine with. Time will surely tell with this one.

Prototypes are expected to be up and running in around 11 months, whilst both the teams F1 racers, Lewis Hamilton and recently crowned World Champion Nico Rosberg, are also expected to give their expertise.  The engine will be developed along with their F1 engines at their Brixworth factory whilst the cars chassis will be based around a carbon fibre monocoque, again similar to the F1 version.  There is no news on price tags yet but we can estimate it may fetch in the region of £3million. It might sound a lot of money, but when your head of R & D is describing it by saying, ‘It’s not going to be so easy to go for a two-week holiday in this car…"’, you know you’re looking at something unique and very special.