Added: 19 April 2017

Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan

The Concept A Sedan show car made its global debut at Auto Shanghai between April 20- 27.  The Concept A Sedan demonstrates a new body time, featuring a surface focused design with reduced lines and flat surfaces. The show car aesthetics reveal what can be described as ‘sensual purity’.

The Concept A Sedan has been designed with the proportions of a dynamic Coupé as well as simultaneously compact. The wheel arch design featuring a reduced arch dimension emphasizes the exclusive 20-inch wheels. The light alloy wheels radiate technical precision with their sporty exterior featuring a structured surface between the spokes. 

The striking front expresses self-confidence through the deep Panamericana grille, vertical chrome inserts and a bold centre star. The headlamps with their eyebrows as a typical feature of the brand as well as the unmissable grid structure guarantee a confident look.

The Concept A Sedan lamps have been coated with a UV paint exposed to ultraviolet light. As a result of this process, the headlamps “glow” in a variety of colours depending on the light medium. The unusual lighting technology is also used at the rear: the striking tail light image has also been designed in a similar way.