Pioneering battery technology

In a further step towards their ‘Electric Only’ strategy, Mercedes-Benz announce details of their collaboration with U.S.-based solid state battery specialist Factorial Energy (Factorial). The partnership aims to lead the way in the development of solid-state batteries, which, alongside setting new standards in the rea of energy density, is set to enable longer vehicle range with shorter charging times.

Solid-state batteries use an electrolyte made of solid material, as opposed to the more commonly used liquid electrolyte. Solid electrolytes significantly increase the battery safety, as well as offering almost double the energy density of a standard lithium-ion battery cell. The outcome of these improvements is an increased battery range achieved via a shorter charging time. Developments such as these ensure electric mobility becomes more attractive and feasible for customers.

Factorial Energy developed their FEST™ Factorial Electrolyte System Technology which, using solid electrolyte material, enables safe and reliable cell performance with high capacity cathode and anode materials. FEST™ is the first solid-state technology that has been scaled to 40Ah cells and works at room temperature.

This is another exciting step in the innovative future of electric mobility and we look forward to the developments of this fantastic partnership.

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