Added: 19 February 2018

Luxury, comfort, high performance and off road tenacity are combined to create the Mercedes-AMG G 63.

Powering the G 63 is a 4.0 litre V8 biturbo which produces 585hp and an earth moving 850Nm of torque. The engine features two compactly placed turbocharges within the cylinder ‘V’ providing the advantage of spontaneous turbo power with lower exhaust emissions.

Furthermore, Mercedes-AMG have installed the AMG Cylinder Management cylinder deactivation system to improve efficiency and provide a fuel consumption of 13.2 L / 100km and a combined CO2 emission of 299g/km.

This power and efficiency do not compromise the comfort and looks of the G-Class which feature new flared front and rear wheel arches, LED High Performance technology lights and multi-option drive modes which include ‘Comfort’, ‘Sport’, ‘sport+’, ‘Rock’ and ‘Sand’.