Added: 09 February 2017

Interested in a high-end pick up? Disappointed to not find one amongst the luxurious Mercedes range? Fret no more, as the Mercedes Benz X Class Pick Up is finally being made a reality, and the eagled-eyed photographers at Car Magazine have spotted the beast itself being put through its paces.

Image: CarMagazine

Yes, Car Magazine have snapped the heavily disguised new premium, luxury pick-up that will don the Mercedes range, reportedly in time for 2018. The shot pictured above was taken in Scandinavia, presumably as the pickup was being put through some rigorous environment tests, ensuring it can punch above and beyond its class’s weight when it finally heads to showrooms.

While a pickup might seem an odd addition to the Mercedes collection, the market is currently powering toward a safer, larger and more practical shape and style of car as the years wind on. You need only look at the popularity of SUVs in the UK to see how this is affecting the automotive landscape, and with the X-Class, Mercedes are looking to employ their penchant for luxury interiors and exciting, powerful driving experiences on a less conventional platform. Will it work? Absolutely.

The X-Class will be based on the Navara in some loose way, with all of Mercedes’ quality finishes, engine range and features.

Are you excited for a Mercedes pick-up? Do you think the X-Class will tick the right boxes when we see more of it later this year? Will there be more news from Geneva?

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