Winter Wheels and Tyres

It is a misconception that regular tyres will only lose grip in snowy or icy conditions. In fact, in heavy rain or at temperatures below 7˚C, your stopping distance can be significantly affected. Mercedes-Benz Genuine Winter Tyres are designed specifically for your vehicle to make sure you always have a good grip on the road. They can reduce stopping distances and improve safety in adverse conditions thanks to a larger tread depth. Don’t want them all year round? Your Sandown Retailer can store your Winter Tyres* during the warmer months and swap them back over when the time is right.

For maximum safety, efficiency and driving performance, its essential you choose the right tyres and wheels for your car.

Using wheel care service couldn’t be simpler:

  • Inspected for damage
  • Stored in a temperature-controlled facility
  • Turned monthly to maintain their shape
  • Refurbishment option also available.

Enhanced Grip

Winter tyres grip the surface of the road more effectively and remain softer and more elastic at low temperature.

Reduced Stopping Distance

On cold and wet roads, the stopping distance for winter tyres is around 6% shorter than for summer tyres - and on snowy road up to 50% shorter.

Improves Safety

Winter tyres optimises your safety by ensuring your tyres have the optimal tread depth.

Contact you local Sandown Retailer to find out more.

*Charges may apply.