We are pleased to announce the launch of four Mercedes-Benz Style and Travel Pack Offers*. The products included in the travel pack offers allow you to customise your vehicle based on your lifestyle and individual needs.

Equipment included: base support, coat hanger, folding table and bag hook.

Package Number Package Components

Total Package Price

(inc. VAT)

Customer Discount
1 x 2 Base Support, Coat Hanger, Bag Hook and Folding Table £195.39 20%
2 x 2 Base Support, Coat Hanger and Bag Hook £108.51 20%
3 Base Support and Coat Hanger £77.55 15%
4 Base Support and Folding Table £112.40 15%

Base Support

The Base Support provides a foundation for all components. It is fundamental in ensuring the customer gets the best out of their purchase.

Coat Hanger

The sturdy Coat Hanger allows you to hang up items of clothing on board. The rounded ends protect the fabric of any garment.

Bag Hook

The universal Bag Hook ensures that you have the ability to keep your vehicle organised and neat throughout your journey.

Folding Table

The Folding Table is designed to ensure maximum comfort for your passengers. It features a sturdy cup holder that helps keep your vehicle free from spillages.

For more information, please call the Sandown Parts Team on 03445 586 577.

*Available 25 March - 31 December 2019. Please note that the Travel Pack Equipment can only be used on seats with head restraint posts. It is not suitable for integral seats. Additionally it cannot be used in conjunction with Rear Seat Entertainment.

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Mercedes-Benz Style and Travel Pack Offers

Mercedes-Benz Style and Travel Pack Offers

Whatever your lifestyle, there's an option to suit you*