Agility Personal Contract Plan

A flexible method of financing a vehicle over a fixed term. The agreement defers your decision of whether you purchase, hand back or part-exchange your vehicle until the end of your agreement.

Agility features include;

  • Regular fixed payments mean you can easily budget.
  • Payments are based only on portion of the car’s value, keeping your monthly payments lower.
  • Our optional purchase payment (guaranteed future value) avoids the risk of unplanned depreciation on your car.
  • You defer your ownership decision until the end of the agreement.

End of your agreement

At the end of your agreement you can decide from 3 options;

  • 1. Purchase your vehicle, this will give you complete ownership allowing you to continue enjoying your vehicle.
  • 2. Hand back your vehicle, this is subject to a few vehicle return standard which will be provided to you.
  • 3. Part-exchange, this enables you to complete the purchase of your vehicle, allowing you to part-exchange for you a new model.