Dear Mr McAllister,

On July 2nd 2016 we took delivery of our most beautiful smart convertible which looked simply fantastic when we collected it from your showroom. It was sitting there covered with a cloth which was removed by your outstanding sales executive Timothy Cooper…what a wonderful presentation!

Since we took delivery we have not had the slightest problem with the vehicle – it has been into your service department for an annual service recently and this went very well. On the odd occasion when I have wanted an answer to a query I have always seen Timothy and it is this which prompted me to write to you. Over the years I have bought many cars from various manufacturers but I have never had such attention from any sales executive previously. He is the most charming member of your entire staff and nothing is ever too much trouble – he makes you feel so welcome and comfortable immediately when you enter the showroom. He is kind, particularly attentive and nothing is too much trouble – he is very patient, understands exactly what you are talking about and takes immediate attention to answer your questions. Occasionally we meet him in Guildford and he is just as delightful then as he is when at work in your showroom!

I would like you to thank Tim on behalf of my wife Jean (who thinks he’s lovely) and myself – both of us really appreciate his attention and it is always a pleasure to enter ‘smart of Guildford.’ You are indeed lucky to have such a man working within your excellent company – as a Sales Director myself for many, many years I understand exactly what any sales executive needs and he has it in abundance.

Yours sincerely,

Mr R Bembridge.

Mr and Mrs Bembridge, smart of Guildford

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Ms Wroblewski, smart of Poole

You may remember that I wrote to you a while ago saying how impressed I was with the service that I received from you sales associate Stephanie Kenderdine. I had some trouble with my fuel gauge, it was showing full when I know it was nearly empty, in other words it was not reliable.
I understand that these things happen.  I just want to say how impressed I was with your staff in the service department and the way they handled my problem.  The service that I received was second to none and I would most certainly recommend your company to anyone.  They were extremely helpful and the problem has now been resolved. 
Kind regards

Mr Snow

Mr Snow, smart of Poole

Dear Mr McAllister,

I am in my mid-eighties and retired, over the years I have bought many, many cars – from a 7 litre Ford Galaxy convertible, four different E Type Jaguars, two Austin Healey 3000 and more – the list goes on…as you can imagine I am a car enthusiast.

It was only last week when my wife, Jean and I looked into your delightful showroom in Guildford. We have been looking for a small car for her to drive. For a number of years she has liked the ‘smart’ but we hadn’t done anything about it! On this occasion we were met by Timothy Cooper who is exceptionally good and gave us fantastic attention. You had an amazing used fortwo cabriolet which looked exactly as new – and in our favourite colour too! Tim gave us every possible assistance in making our decision – the test drive was very impressive and the performance, for a 999cc engine was, in my opinion, amazing. We decided to buy the vehicle – Tim pointed out there were three marks on the bodywork which required painting and he assured us he would make sure it was done very professionally and we wouldn’t even see where it had been done – he was right and I would ask you to thanks your paintshop staff for the care and attention they gave – wonderful.

We collected the car last Saturday morning – 2nd July. When we arrived it was there in your showroom covered with a ‘smart’ cloth cover and a delightful sign welcoming Jean and I – thanks us for buying the car. Tim soon unveiled the vehicle and it looked simply breath taking – I could not believe how beautiful the car looked particularly with the new paintwork gleaming. You cannot tell the car had ever been on the road and looked exactly ‘as new’.

In all my years I have never had such service from any dealer – Tim could not have given us more attention or service, had we been buying the ‘top of the Mercedes’ range….he was just fantastic and made the removal of the veil an occasion we will never forget – it is something we will treasure in our minds for ever.

Well done Mercedes – couple with dear Tim who must be worth his weight in gold to your company. Long may the happy relationship continue.

Jean and I send out best wishes to all and look forward to a happy relationship with your company.


Mr and Mrs R Bembridge

Mr and Mrs Bembridge, smart of Guildford

Thanks so much for all your very friendly and efficient work for me. This was the 3rd smart I've bought from Basingstoke and customer service just gets better and better.
Buying sammy VIII (that's 8 smarts since 2000) was a real pleasure given all your efforts on my behalf.

This smart is certainly the best yet in its stunning colour combination. Oddly the economy is already better than my previous car and that shouldn't be possible after so few miles but I'm not complaining!

Mr Dunk, smart at Mercedes-Benz of Basingstoke

I have just purchased a smart fortwo and the sales executive with whom I dealt was Stephanie Kenderdine. Stephanie was absolutely fantastic, she was able to answer all my questions and explained everything about the car perfectly.  As far as I am concerned I received a service with your company that is second to none and I would certainly recommend you to anyone.  I am extremely pleased the car and it is a pleasure to drive it.

Stephanie is obviously a great asset to you; a first class sales person.

Mr Snow, smart of Poole

I felt I wanted to drop you a quick email to express my excitement in purchasing my first Mercedes - I am in love!!! Also to say a huge thank you to your staff specifically Adam Hinton and James Yeomans for a smooth, non stressful, pleasurable experience throughout. Why it's taken me 24 years of driving to get a Mercedes I don't know... but I'm so pleased to have finally purchased my lovely A Class.

Mrs Still, Mercedes-Benz of Guildford