Sandown Group and Business

Sandown is home to a dedicated team of fleet experts, devoted to helping you get your business on the road. Our extensive range of high performing yet cost effective Mercedes-Benz vehicles caters to the needs of every business, whether you are a Company Car Driver, Small Business, Fleet Manager or Chauffeur Service.

Mark Fisher

Title: Online Sales Executive

Years in the motor trade industry: 17

Hobbies: Music, football, F1, cycling and snowboarding.

Fun facts: I'm an OCD sufferer and a Haribo addict.


Iain Hardwick

Title: Online Logistics

Years in the motor trade industry: 2

Hobbies: Going to the gym, films, Rolex watches and travelling.

Fun facts: While in the film industry, I met quite a few high profile stars.


Stuart Head

Title: Group Head of Digital Sales

Years in the motor trade industry: 18

Hobbies: Running, cycling and walking the dog.

Fun facts: I have completed seven marathons.


Parm Ladwa

Title: Online Star Expert

Years in the motor trade industry: 3

Hobbies: Massive petrol head! Liverpool supporter. I also love playing snooker and pool.

Fun facts: I can sketch cars.


Katie Thomas

Title: Online Administrator

Years in the motor trade industry: 1

Hobbies: I am part of a local pool team and play in league matches every Thursday.

Fun facts: I have fired military grade weapons.


Callie Towler

Title: Online Co-ordinator

Years in the motor trade industry: 5

Hobbies: Walking, skiing and hiking.

Fun facts: For my wedding, we had jelly and ice cream for our dessert - I love jelly and ice cream.


Leeroy Whitby

Title: Online Sales Executive

Years in the motor trade industry: 11

Hobbies: Spending time with my family. Watching and playing football.

Fun facts: I have a trainer obsession. Over 20 pairs at present!


Business offers

Choosing quality vehicles for your business should not mean that you compromise on finding a great deal. That's why we offer a range of manufacturer finance options specifically for the business user, with optional bespoke business packages to meet your budget.

GLC 300 de Business Offer

The GLC 300 de from £429* per month

EQC Business Offer

The EQC from £595* per month

E 300 de Saloon Business Offer

The E 300 de Saloon from £375* per month

Business Advice

Company Car Driver
You get a car allowance or have a car from your company's fleet

Our vehicles are renowned for their exceptional performance, luxury specification and style. But that’s not the only reason company car drivers choose Mercedes-Benz. With outstanding fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, our business car models are cost-effective too, reducing both your running costs and company car taxation. From the stylish Mercedes-Benz A-Class to the flagship S-Class, we offer vehicles to suit you, your business and your budget.

Small Business
You have a fleet of fewer than 200 vehicles

We understand that your business is unique and has its own needs, which is why we have a business solution designed just for you. This provides you and your business with:

  • A dedicated Business Advisor who understands your business requirements
  • A range of award-winning vehicles with class-leading efficiency, safety and technology systems
  • Our bespoke Business Demonstrator Programme which gives you the opportunity to experience our vehicles for 48 hours as part of your day-to-day business
  • Competitive, flexible funding solutions to suit your budget and needs
  • Comprehensive Aftersales care plans for all your service, maintenance and repair needs.
Fleet Manager
You're a fleet manager or you have a fleet of more than 200 vehicles

From impressive cost-efficiency to unrivalled customer service, there are many reasons why Mercedes-Benz is the ideal partner for your business fleet.

Good for your business

Across the Mercedes-Benz vehicle range, you’ll find a choice of models that combine exemplary performance with outstanding fuel economy and low emissions — key factors in reducing your fleet running costs and tax liabilities. Strong residual values, exceptional write-down values, excellent reliability, and flexible finance solutions further contribute to the low Whole Life Costs of Mercedes-Benz fleet vehicles.

Good for your drivers

By choosing Mercedes-Benz, you’re also exercising your duty of care to your fleet drivers. Our vehicles offer impeccable safety credentials, with an array of intelligent safety systems such as Collision Prevention Assist and Attention Assist, supporting drivers throughout their journeys and significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Good for you

As a fleet manager working with Sandown Mercedes-Benz, you’ll benefit from the expertise and experience of our dedicated fleet and business team. We take a personal approach to all our fleet customers, helping you find the best solutions to your business needs. Key to this is our Fleet Demonstrator Programme, which offers extended test drives across the Mercedes-Benz fleet vehicle range — so you can fully appreciate the benefits of particular models.

Chauffeur Cars

Chauffeurs can benefit from our dedicated Chauffeur Programme, which includes:

  • An extensive range of chauffeur cars
  • Demonstrator Programme
  • State-of-the-art vehicle safety
  • Outstanding cost-efficiency
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Chauffeur car safety and maintained plans.