"I was pleased with Sandown Mercedes Benz of Guildford and would recommend them because the service level is excellent. You get what you pay for and I’d rate the service level as some of the best I’ve received."

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- Mercedes-Benz of Guildford - January 2019

'A very slick and comprehensive personalised customer service given, from making the booking to the video email to show me the processes involved. The lift service to and from work whilst my car was at the garage also worked very well'

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- Mercedes-Benz of Guildford - November 2018

Hi Ian,

Just thought I'd drop you a quick note to say thank you very much to you and your team for getting my car ready for me to pick up on Tuesday.

At one stage, I thought that it wouldn't be possible to get the car before May (if at all) when I'm back from my trip next time, but it seems to me that everyone at your dealership pulled together to get the car delivered, PDI'd, cleaned and taxed in time and it seems that there was no small effort from all involved and it is much appreciated.

Your dealership was very pro-active during the sales process, Matt phoned me within an hour of my initial enquiry (the local dealership took two days), answered all my e-mails and picked me up from the hotel, all making the experience easy, especially after coming down from just South of Aberdeen!

So once again, thanks to all sales, mechanical, valeting and admin staff, in particular to you and Matt for orchestrating the hole process, Mercedes Basingstoke is now my local dealership!


Mr Butler

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- Mercedes-Benz of Basingstoke - March 2018

" I’d like to express my appreciation to the Salisbury branch of Sandown Mercedes-Benz for a very pleasurable car-buying experience. As one of those who doesn’t change his car very often, I remember buying my first used ML320 from Sandown’s Poole branch some eight years ago and being overawed at the royalty treatment I received at the time: the immaculate inside-and-out condition of the car, the thorough, careful briefing on all the car’s functions and the extreme courtesy throughout. I was apparently, much more important than I’d realised, because I had become a Mercedes customer.

The recent experience with Salisbury was perhaps even better, with little touches like the potential car (immaculate of course) being placed right in front of the entrance in pole position, waiting for me to test it on my very first appointment there. Thereafter all went smoothly until the day of collection when the car was again show-cased but under a black shroud, within a red-roped enclosure and with a prominent notice declaring it was mine. The car was facing the exit to the showroom, ready for take-off, and as the shroud was slowly removed to reveal the gleaming machine, the salesman kindly video’d the birth of the new present to myself. Once again, a thorough and careful briefing on the whole car followed.

On reflection, I might have expected all of this courtesy had I been buying a brand new car, but this was just another Mercedes-Benz used car with two previous owners in this case. The reality seems to be that Sandown Mercedes-Benz is so concious of its long-proven quality standard, that it doesn’t matter whether the customer is buying new or used, because the latter will always carry the same seal of confidence. If this technique was designed to provide high customer satisfaction, it worked in my case. "

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- Salisbury - January 2018

Sandown Mercedes Benz of Basingstoke were great because in my opinion I found them very customer focused, something you don't get everywhere, they will listen to you and come up with good suggestions, no pressure what so ever, well done!

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- Mercedes-Benz of Basingstoke - December 2017

Firstly, I just wanted to say a huge thanks for selling us an A-grade vehicle. We couldn’t have been happier with the purchase. The car is an absolute dream. 

More importantly, I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for the support throughout the sales process from our first interaction all the way through to after sales care. 

Without exaggeration, I must say that the customer service experience you provided to us was second to none and in all honesty, the best retail experience I’ve ever had in all my years. 

Your transparency, constant communication and advice throughout the entire process has been phenomenal and if customer service was modelled on anyone .. they should take a leaf from your book. 

As a family, we would not hesitate for a second to come back to you for repeat business .. regardless of being based in Leicester (nearly 300 miles from the showroom). I will gladly recommend you and Mercedes Sandown Dorchester to all family and friends. 

In my opinion, buying a Mercedes is not just about acquiring a vehicle with the highest of standards but also the experience of making the purchase that goes with it, which you made seamless from beginning to end. 

Thanks for everything - it’s been a real pleasure. 

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- Mercedes-Benz of Dorchester - November 2017

I just wanted to write a quick email to explain the satisfaction I have received in dealing with Tom Godfrey at Mercedes-Benz of Dorchester.

The customer care of Tom Godfrey and the rest of the team at Mercedes-Benz Dorchester has been 2nd to none. I will be recommending as many of my friends and family to do the same as me and deal with them in the future.

I have made what could've been a very stressful situation very very easy and now I cannot wait to continue driving around in my beautiful new car.

I feel that sometimes people only write letters to complain and talk about bad things however on this occasion it's delightful to be able to write to you guys and tell you how amazing your staff are.

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- Mercedes-Benz of Dorchester - September 2017

I wanted to email  as I feel that people are often quick to complain when things go wrong but when things go right there is often no follow up. I just want to outline my brief experience of the Mercedes of Dorchester branch and my dealings with members of staff.

I was looking to purchase a car and had shortlisted a few that I liked and in the off chance I popped into the branch in Dorchester. I spotted a Mercedes B Class in the showroom and liked the look of it but thought that it would probably be out of my budget and so was about to leave when a sales representative, Ziggy Horie, called me just before I was about to leave and gave me a talk through of the car. I really liked his manner and his knowledge of the car was impressive.
He asked if I wanted a test drive and whilst I was very impressed with the car, as I was only on a short visit thought I’d maybe wait. Ziggy was very flexible and said I could call at the end of the day if I changed my mind. I went home and thought about it and decided to have drive. I rang back and booked for the Saturday. The test drive was lovely and the car sold itself but the way Ziggy sold the car and the general service was outstanding. I didn’t feel pressured at all and I appreciated his honesty and the way he handled me as a customer. Based on the test drive and the service I received I decided to go ahead and purchased the car and I couldn’t be happier.

As strange as it seems I don’t feel like I was sold the car in the way you imagine a car dealer might sell it to you but I feel more like I was sold the car by a friend. I’ve been so impressed by the service that my wife is thinking about changing her car and I’ve convinced her (when she buys) to test drive a car from the Dorchester branch and I recommend her to buy from there as I know she will be looked after. I would also like to praise Hannah Stickland who also gave excellent service and support throughout the purchase.

I will definitely recommend any family and friends to purchase not only from Sandown Mercedes-Benz but specifically from Mercedes-Benz of Dorchester!

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- Mercedes-Benz of Dorchester - September 2017

The whole experience from start to finish has been above and beyond anything I have ever experienced.  I have to say I am one happy customer!

The choice on this car was easy as I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

I cannot recommend you guys enough for a truly unforgettable experience.

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- Mercedes-Benz of Salisbury - August 2017

Dear Mr McAllister,

On July 2nd 2016 we took delivery of our most beautiful smart convertible which looked simply fantastic when we collected it from your showroom. It was sitting there covered with a cloth which was removed by your outstanding sales executive Timothy Cooper…what a wonderful presentation!

Since we took delivery we have not had the slightest problem with the vehicle – it has been into your service department for an annual service recently and this went very well. On the odd occasion when I have wanted an answer to a query I have always seen Timothy and it is this which prompted me to write to you. Over the years I have bought many cars from various manufacturers but I have never had such attention from any sales executive previously. He is the most charming member of your entire staff and nothing is ever too much trouble – he makes you feel so welcome and comfortable immediately when you enter the showroom. He is kind, particularly attentive and nothing is too much trouble – he is very patient, understands exactly what you are talking about and takes immediate attention to answer your questions. Occasionally we meet him in Guildford and he is just as delightful then as he is when at work in your showroom!

I would like you to thank Tim on behalf of my wife Jean (who thinks he’s lovely) and myself – both of us really appreciate his attention and it is always a pleasure to enter ‘smart of Guildford.’ You are indeed lucky to have such a man working within your excellent company – as a Sales Director myself for many, many years I understand exactly what any sales executive needs and he has it in abundance.

Yours sincerely,

Mr R Bembridge.

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- smart of Guildford - June 2017

"I am always happy with the service provided at Sandown Mercedes-Benz and this is why I keep coming to them despite living in Birmingham."


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- Mercedes-Benz of Basingstoke - March 2017

The service I received was extremely professional.

The addition of online video footage explaining about the wear and tear of tyres and breaks was extremely helpful.

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- Mercedes-Benz Of Basingstoke - March 2017

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"I was pleased with Sandown Mercedes Benz of Guildford and would recommend them because the service level is excellent. You get what you pay for and I’d rate the service level as som[...]

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