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Motability is a national charity supported by the government. Exchange your qualifying mobility allowance for a brand-new car. We work hard to help people with disabilities and their families to enjoy the independence of owning their own vehicle.

Motability Adaptions

Motability adaptations refer to components that can be fitted to a vehicle to make your driving experience more comfortable and safer. Many of our popular adaptations are supplied and fitted at no extra cost when arranged at the same time as ordering your new vehicle under the Motability Managed Adaptations Programme.

  • Hand Controls – allow you to control the speed of the vehicle with your hand, there are a number of different controls available depending on your needs
  • Electronic Accelerators – allow you to accelerate, requiring less effort than some hand controls and all include a hand operated push brake
  • Steering aids – these help with the ease of moving the steering wheel, providing you with more control
  • Pedal adaptions – pedals can be extended, bringing them closer to the driver’s seat and giving you more comfort whilst controlling the vehicle.


Across the Sandown group, each of our retailers caters for wheelchair access. Our entrances, showroom areas and refreshment facilities are sure to provide comfort, meeting the needs of each and every individual requirement.