Next generation of home EV charging with Ohme

Mercedes-Benz plug-in vehicle customers with off-street parking can benefit from the convenience and speed of charging at home by installing an Ohme charger.

Ohme specialise in providing electric vehicle charging solutions, in particular smart, affordable and easy-to-use home chargers. Ohme’s technology uses your tariff information to charge your vehicle when the price is low to maximise your savings.

EV Home Charging Information

Having a proper charging setup at home is essential for convenient and hassle-free EV charging. Whilst most new cars come with a charging cable, it's worth noting that not all of them include a three-pin charging cable, which is needed for home charging.

It is estimated that home charging accounts for approximately 75% of all electric vehicle charging, with 20% taking place at public charging points, and the remaining 5% occurring at workplaces and other locations.

The majority of an EV's charging occurs when it's parked, which is around 95% of the time, so make sure you have the space and convenience to facilitate home charging.

Most Battery Electric Vehicles now have real ranges of more than 200 miles, which is sufficient for most commuters who travel less than 30 miles to work. However, it is important to ensure that your EV's range covers your daily commute. Public charging stations are available throughout the UK. You can use to locate charging stations near your location. This can help you plan your enroute charging for trips that exceed your EV's range.

Using a domestic home charger is the perfect way to complement your new electrified vehicle. Charge the battery within a few hours at home.

Please request a call from your local Sandown Retailer for more information.

Why should I choose an Ohme EV Home Charger?

Convenience simplified. Start your day with a full charge and enjoy all the benefits an Ohme charger brings, including:

  • Standard installation included
  • Dynamic charging technology
  • UK charging regulations compliant
  • Compatible with all energy tariffs
  • 3-year warranty as standard
  • Award-winning customer support.

Charging a Mercedes-Benz EQA with a 66kWh battery from 0 to 80% charge with an Ohme smart charger on a smart off-peak tariff, such as Octopus Intelligent^, could cost just £3.96. Ohme also offers drivers the option to charge their car when renewable energy generation on the national grid is at its highest, further lowering their CO2 impact.

Ohme vs what's in the market

There are some great perks for choosing the Ohme home charger:

  • Track energy consumption and charging history
  • Includes installation
  • Built-in solution to protect against the loss of earthing
  • Scheduling to ensure you charge at the best time, saving you money
  • Load Curtailment.

Public vs Home Charging

The most convenient way to refuel your EV is with a home charger. Because energy is usually cheaper at night, you’ll enjoy low running costs, and start every day with a full charge.

With Ohme Charge, you’ll have 7.5kWh fast charging at source with fixed price installation and a FREE 5m tethered cable.

Did you know there’s more places to charge an EV than fuel a conventional petrol or diesel car? Public chargers are a great option for longer journeys, visiting friends, family or commuting to work. With a compatible EV, rapid charging is available at 100kW+, this will charge a typical EV to 80% from empty in 20-30 minutes.

What to expect on installation day

Before installation day
To get started, you will simply need to submit your details and complete the online compatibility checker to help us assess whether you need standard or custom installation.

Shop your charger
From there, simply select your charger and any additional extras needed, and then checkout.

Complete your home survey online
This won't take too much of your time - we just need to learn a bit more about your home, energy usage and installation. On average, this will take 20 minutes.

Installation day
Your Ohme approved installer will arrive with your charger.

  • Don't forget to clear up the area around the distribution board/electricity supply mete as this is where the cable will run. Your installer can also help on the day, but please make sure someone is at home to ensure your new charger is fitted somewhere you're happy with.

Smart app, smart charging

The smart way to charge your electric vehicle.

Start, stop & schedule

  • Power your car for less by setting up a schedule in the Ohme app, based on your energy tariff and time preferences.

Easy energy tariffs integration

  • Connect to your electricity tariff and let Ohme automatically schedule your EV to charge during off-peak hours.

Monitor energy usage

  • Keep an eye on your car charging costs and every kWh used to better understand your energy usage at home.