Mercedes MeAdapter

If you have an older Mercedes-Benz without connected functionality that was built after 2002*, you can still enjoy the experience of connected features through the Mercedes me Adapter. Supported on both iOS and Android, the device allows you to connect your car to all of the Mercedes me Adapter features using your smartphone.

*To check if you have an eligible car and book a fitting, contact us today.

Experience connectivity

Stay connected anytime, anywhere with Mercedes me. Offering a range of innovative online services and providing you with first-class care and support, Mercedes me functions are accessible via mobile, tablet or PC.

Enhance your Mercedes-Benz experience with connectivity at your fingertips.

Exclusive features

From checking your fuel level to locking your car via your smartphone, the comprehensive range of services offered by Mercedes me connect simply make life that little bit easier.

Use an app to display key data and control practical functions. Check your car’s oil level, tyre pressure and fuel from your phone so you’ll be ready for every journey.

Log your journeys with useful editing and exporting functions and send new destinations and routes from your smartphone to your car.

Automatically record your parking location and time. This feature will show you exactly where your car is, as long as you’re within a 1 mile radius of where you parked.

Set reminders for appointments and vehicle checks.

Raise the alarm for assistance in case of an accident or breakdown.

Use the app to contact your local Sandown Mercedes-Benz Retailer or the nearest Retailer to your current location.



Get a free 3 month* TIDAL subscription

Love music? With Mercedes me connect you can get a free 3 month* TIDAL subscription. Unlock access to 60 million songs and enjoy the highest quality audio for the ultimate listening experience in your Mercedes-Benz. You can create your own playlists, listen to music offline and much more.

*The 3 month free trial can only be redeemed once per vehicle.

Mercedes me App

The Mercedes me Adapter reads your vehicle's data and sends it to the adapter app on your smartphone. Download the app to access all the features of your Mercedes me Adapter on your device.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Any questions?

For more information regarding our Mercedes me services, please contact one of our knowledgeable Star Experts at your local Sandown Mercedes-Benz Retailer.