Best Global Brands 2019

Mercedes-Benz is once again the world's most valuable luxury car brand.

Mercedes-Benz further increased its brand value, and is once again the world's most valuable luxury automotive brand. In the latest "Best Global Brands 2019" ranking by the renowned US brand consultancy Interbrand, the brand reaffirmed last year's result by taking 8th place. Mercedes-Benz continues to be the only European brand in the top ten. Compared to 2018, the brand value of the star increased by a further five percent to 50.832 billion US dollars. This is the continuation of an unbroken success story, as Mercedes-Benz has continuously increased its value since 2009.

"We are proud to have achieved 8th place in the 'Best Global Brands 2019' again, with a further increase in our brand value. This is a magnificent achievement by the entire Mercedes-Benz team – and by this I mean every individual who strives for the success of our brand on a daily basis," says Bettina Fetzer, Head of Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Cars. "This result is both a confirmation and an incentive. Alongside the best products and services for our customers, we are developing Mercedes-Benz into a sustainable luxury brand – after all, the star is our most valuable asset."

The Mercedes-Benz brand stands for a long tradition and great innovative strength. It is driven by the desire to continuously develop further and offer sustainable solutions for the future of mobility – reflected in both the products and services, and in the business strategy. The focus is on the customer more than ever before, while the brand is becoming tangible and awakens emotions. Modern luxury must be sustainable – but above all sustainably fascinating.

The transformation in society is also changing the role of brands: successful brands create trust and show a clear attitude both inside and out. Mercedes-Benz is driven by innovation, responsibility and purpose, and systematically seeks to develop intuitive, seamless and sustainable mobility solutions. The "purpose" of the brand is "First Move the World". At Mercedes-Benz this is the meaning behind the work, the motivation and the "why". "First Move the World" stands for the ambition to pursue more than the directly achievable. This pioneering spirit is part of the brand's DNA.

Best Global Brands - Interbrand ranks the best worldwide brands with surveys

This year the 20th "Best Global Brands" study was conducted. Interbrand, a US brand consultancy, assesses the 100 most valuable brands in the world according to three aspects: "financial performance of the brand's products or services", "role of the brand in the buying decision process" and "strength of the brand with a view to safeguarding the future revenue of the company". A certified methodology acc. to ISO 10668:2010 enables the monetary value of a brand to be determined.

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