The new Concept EQG

Introducing the latest Mercedes-Benz concept: the EQG. Based on the iconic all-terrain G-Class. The concept electrification of the G-Class is part of the brand’s move from their ‘Electric First’ to an ‘Electric Only’ strategy, which focuses on sustainability throughout the production and lifecycle of their vehicles. Mercedes-Benz are thought to be calling upon their most iconic models to inspire and convince customers to switch to electric, and the G-Class should certainly fulfil this.

The design of the G-Class is something that has been modified only minimally over the years; it became apparent that the features once designed for functionality have since become iconic to the G-Class model and this is not something to tamper with. The same applies to the design of the Concept EQG; despite its electric power train the design is still unmistakeably that of a G-Class.

Externally, these features include the iconic round headlights, which in this electrified version surround an animated continuous deep black radiator grille which, highlighting the illuminated Mercedes-Benz star accent. On the rear of the Concept EQG, and where one would usually expect to find the traditional spare wheel cover, there is instead a lockable box – the design of which closely resembles that of a wallbox – which it’s thought could be used to store charging cables.

The roof rack of the Concept EQG is finished in high-gloss black and the central element is in the shape of a “G” as a nod to its model name. A white LED strip is inbuilt to the front edge of the roof rack, and is thought to be a modern take of the traditional searchlight found on some G-Class variants, and prepares the Concept EQG for the demands of an off-road adventure. It was important to the design of the Concept EQG that it would still be taken seriously as an off-road vehicle, and that its all-electric drive would in fact only enhance this capability, as opposed to being a hindrance.

It’s fair to say this Concept vehicle could be a game changer within the world of electric mobility, and we can’t wait to learn more about it and hopefully see it on our roads in the future.

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