Mercedes-Benz Concept Vehicle: VISION AVTR

VISION AVTR: Advanced Vehicle Transformation and the mark of a partnership with leading entertainment brand AVATAR.

Mercedes-Benz released details of their latest concept vehicle VISION AVTR at its world premiere in Las Vegas earlier this month. The future-proofed vision was developed alongside the team behind AVATAR to produce a ground-breaking connection between human and machine.

The VISION AVTR encompasses pioneering technology and ultimate sustainability throughout the interior and exterior design.

The interior upholstery features vegan DINAMICA leather; the only microfiber which assures environmental sustainability from start to finish of its production. What you won’t find on the interior of this vehicle though is a steering wheel. Instead, Mercedes-Benz have developed a multi-function control within the centre console, which, controlled by touch, enables the vehicle to recognise the driver by their heartbeat and breathing.

Sustainability continues to be at the heart of the technology that drives this vehicle as it is powered by a battery comprised of compostable materials and therefore 100% recyclable. This innovative battery technology allows the VISION AVTR to lead the way in electric driving becoming entirely free of fossil resources.

We can't wait to learn more about this exciting and revolutionary vehicle!

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