The Mercedes-Benz GLE facelift 2023

The GLE and GLE Coupé is getting a facelift in 2023.

The Mercedes-Benz GLE and its sporty offshoot, the GLE Coupé, are just as suitable for families and leisure as they are for long-distance journeys. Mercedes-Benz has now updated the exterior, interior, technology and equipment of the model generation that was launched in 2018.

Key features of this facelift include:

  • SUV and Coupé are getting the facelift at the same time
  • Includes the new MBUX (NTG 7) with Wireless Apply CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Newly designed grille with improved LED Light design
  • Mild hybrid Tech featured in all engines
  • New wheels, paints, interior colours and trim parts.

Further information about Mercedes-Benz is available at Mercedes-Benz UK.

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