Mercedes-Benz of Guildford Upgrade

We are excited to share that we are upgrading Mercedes-Benz of Guildford to the very latest Mercedes-Benz and AMG Performance Centre showroom standards.

The refurbishment is due to be complete by March 2023 and will include the following improvements:

  • New modern comfortable lounge waiting area
  • New customer refreshment facilities
  • Modern Mercedes-Benz shop and boutique
  • State-of-the-art AMG display with video wall
  • Designated sales consultation space with multi-media interaction
  • New enclosed customer centric handover bay with soft seating
  • Modern new toilet facilities
  • Dedicated electric vehicle parking spaces
  • Specified service parking area.

During this time of refurbishment at Mercedes-Benz of Guildford, we apologise for any inconvenience caused to you whilst visiting and look forward to revealing the UK's most up-to-date showroom by March 2023.

Click the video below to see the new changes:

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