Mercedes-Benz A-Class: the most popular leasing car of 2019

Mercedes-Benz have come out on top in the latest data release from

It has been revealed that the Mercedes-Benz A-Class received the most enquiries from customers throughout 2019, announcing it as their most popular leasing car for that year; a position that the Volkswagen Golf had held consistently for 5 years prior.

The data from also revealed interesting insights into the demographic of leasing customers, whereby it is believed that the average leasing customer is aged between 25 and 34 and based in London.

As well as the A-Class specifically being highly notable within the leasing sector, Mercedes-Benz as a brand earned the top spot in terms of overall market leaders by leasing customers.

With an overall increase in the number of people leasing vehicles instead of purchasing, and with more and more people opting for alternatively-fuelled vehicles, we look forward to seeing what the coming year brings in terms of model and brand popularity.

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