Are you connected?

Have you set up your Mercedes me app on your phone?

The Mercedes me app is your key to the digital world of Mercedes-Benz and to many valuable functions. You experience even greater comfort, service and safety, even when you're not sitting in your Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes me Apps
With the Mercedes me Apps, you can keep control of every aspect of your Mercedes-Benz at all times. Check your smartphone to see whether new Digital Extras are available for your Mercedes-Benz, whether you have closed all the windows, when your next service appointment is due, or how can drive in an even more resource-friendly way. And the best thing is: you can use many of these Digital extras free of charge.

Benefits of the app include:

  • Remote retrieval of vehicle status
  • Maintenance management
  • Accident recovery and breakdown management
  • ECO display
  • Software updates and contribution to product improvement
  • Individual consumption visualisation

To help you get connected, watch our Star Expert, Nick O'Leary, show you a complete walkthrough guide of the app:

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