Performance and efficiency in a new combination: the Mercedes-AMG E 53 HYBRID 4MATIC+

Highlight features include:

  • Combination of 3.0-litre six-cylinder and electric motor with 430 kW (585 hp) system output
  • Hybrid system combines high performance, driving dynamics and efficiency
  • Purely electric driving of up to over 100 kilometres possible.

    Please note: the standard specification of UK-market vehicles may vary. UK specification and pricing will be communicated by the Mercedes-Benz UK Press Office later in 2024.

“The E-Class has been one of our most popular models for decades and we want to build on this with the new E 53 HYBRID. The vehicle offers typical AMG driving pleasure with excellent responsiveness, great driving dynamics and a sporty design. As a plug-in hybrid, the E 53 HYBRID combines mighty performance with efficiency. Thanks to the high electric range, many everyday journeys can be completed purely electrically. At the same time, the vehicle comes with extensive standard equipment, including fully variable all-wheel drive and active rear-axle steering. In this way, we offer our customers a vehicle that is perfect for their high demands.”*

Michael Schiebe, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH and Head of Business Units
Mercedes-Benz G-Class & Mercedes-Maybach

The basis for the sporty and efficient drive is the proven AMG 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder turbo engine. In the E 53 HYBRID 4MATIC+ it delivers 330 kW (449 hp). Compared to the previous version in the E 53 of the predecessor W213 series, this means an increase of 10 kW (14 hp). Numerous software and hardware measures contribute to increasing performance. This includes a new twin-scroll exhaust gas turbocharger with higher boost pressure (1.5 bar instead of the previous 1.1 bar). The update also includes newly programmed software, an additional front cooler, and a wheel arch cooler. The result: The 3.0-litre engine reacts spontaneously to accelerator pedal commands and thus offers a highly dynamic response.

Reinforced body shell with numerous stiffening measures
To account for the high dynamic potential of the drive train, the body shell has been revised with numerous stiffening measures. A strut brace between the front suspension strut mounts stiffens the front structure and enables increased lateral dynamics. The thrust field under the engine increases steering precision by reducing the torsion of the front end. It is connected to the longitudinal beams by additional struts. On the rear axle, additional struts from the side members to the rear ensure greater stability and driving precision.

AMG and hybrid-specific design elements
The new Mercedes-AMG E 53 HYBRID 4MATIC+ can be recognised by many special design elements. The AMG-specific radiator trim with vertical slats is illuminated as standard*. Wider front fenders (plus eleven millimetres on each side compared to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class) make room for the larger track width on the front axle. The powerfully shaped outer air inlets, each with two vertical fins, and the central A-wing characterise the independent AMG front apron. The large central lower inlet directs the air to the additional AMG front cooler. There is also an external opening for the wheel arch cooler.

Fully variable all-wheel drive AMG Performance 4MATIC+
The standard all-wheel drive provides optimal traction. It ensures high driving stability and driving safety on dry roads as well as on wet or snowy roads. An electromechanically controlled clutch distributes the driving force variably to the front and rear axles in each driving programme. This ensures maximum traction, driving dynamics and safety at all times and in all driving conditions.

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