The new E-Class: dimensional concept and interior design

The new E-Class: Immersive, interactive, intelligent.

Customers can look forward to a particularly immersive entertainment experience in the new E-Class. Thanks to digital innovations in the interior, the E-Class is now more intelligent, achieving a new dimension of personalisation and interaction. At the same time, the electronic architecture is more software-driven and less hardware-driven. This forms the basis for more individual updating of the interior systems in the future.

The computing functions of previously separate domains take place in a single processor. Screens and the MBUX infotainment system thus share a new, very powerful central onboard computer.

Key features include:

  • MBUX Entertainment Plus
  • Passenger can watch dynamic content on screen - advanced camera-based visual shield function to reduce brightness, and therefore reduces distraction for driver
  • Installation of third party apps, such as TikTok, Zoom and Angry Birds
  • Active Ambient lighting
  • Selfie and video camera function on dashboard
  • AI functions to learn your 'routine'
  • Newly designed icons on the screen can be recognised even more intuitively by drivers.

The new E-Class will launch first in the Saloon model. Mercedes-Benz have announced the first models of the E-Class will arrive in the European Retailers in Summer 2023.

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