The new E-Class

A bridge between tradition and digitalisation: the new E-Class

This year in autumn 2023, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class first saloon models will arrive in the European market. The new E-Class points the way in the transition from the combustion engine to electric drive.

Key features include:

  • Generously dimensioned interior
  • Radiator grille with black panel-like surface
  • MBUX Superscreen with large glass surface
  • New electronics architecture
  • The Digital Vehicle Key
  • Sound visualisation
  • Automated comfort functions with routines
  • Automatic air vents
  • Intelligent blocking concept of the passenger screen
  • Compact turning circle with rear-axle steering

The illuminated surround of the radiator grille (optional extra) has two optical fibres behind the chrome strips. Light is fed into the glass-fibre bundles via LED modules.

With two display styles (Classic and Sporty) and three modes (Navigation, Assistance, Service), the graphics of the screens can be individualised. The new MBUX is accompanied by a change in the presentation of the main icons on the displays. They are presented in a simpler way, and based on the colours used for smartphone tiles.

The blocking function of the passenger screen operates in two stages: first of all, the seat occupancy recognition system registers whether the seat next to the driver is occupied. If this is the case, the touch surface of the display can be used from the front passenger seat via MBUX. If the front passenger seat is not occupied, the screen becomes a digital decorative feature.

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