Mercedes-Benz announce details of 3 new plug-in hybrid models

Mercedes-Benz announce details of 3 new plug-in hybrid models.

Mercedes-Benz have announced that they will be adding 3 new vehicles to the plug-in hybrid range. It’s been confirmed that the CLA Coupé, CLA Shooting Brake and GLA are now available with EQ power.

The CLA 250 e Coupé and CLA 250 e Shooting Brake are due to go on sale in April, while the GLA 250 e is expected to go on sale in May. Deliveries are expected early summer.

Mercedes-Benz have tried something new within the new hybrid engines, whereby the combustion engine is now started by the electric motor, as opposed to a separate 12-volt starter. This is the first time Mercedes-Benz have utilised such technology.

Each vehicle features a lithium-ion high-voltage battery with a total capacity of circa 15.6 kWh and can be charged via an alternating (AC) or direct current (DC); the right hand-side wall of the vehicle houses a corresponding socket. When charging via a 7.4kW wall box with AC, the compact plug-in hybrids can be charged from 10% to 100% state of charge within 1 hour 45 minutes. Alternatively when charging with DC at 24 kW, it can be charged from 10% to 80% state of charge in roughly 25 minutes. It’s clear that the technology encompassed within these compact hybrids are working towards making electric vehicle ownership more feasible and practical.

These new additions to the EQ power range feature third-generation plug-in technology, meaning that they benefit from functions such as the intelligent, route-based operating strategy which takes into account factors such as speed limits and navigation data when planning a route. It also calculates when the electric driving mode is best suited throughout the entire journey. The MBUX infotainment system further aids the driver in achieving optimum performance with the utmost convenience, as it can locate nearby charging stations in response to the driver’s request. Voice-activated control further enhances the accessibility of driving with MBUX.

We’ll keep you posted with details of UK pricing and specification as and when they are released.

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