The second Mercedes-EQ model to be based on the premium-class electric architecture - the EQE encapsulates the luxury of a business saloon and characteristic elements of electric. It is due to launch mid-2022 and will be staggered globally.

The external dimensions of the EQE are most closely aligned with those of the CLS – it has a wheelbase of 3120 millimetres and a fixed rear window with boot lit as opposed to a tailgate. The rear spoiler, 19- to 21-inch wheels and muscular shoulder section give the EQE its sporty finish.

The lithium-ion battery consists of ten modules, with a usable energy content of 90kW and a range of up to 660 km. Innovate battery management software allows the battery to be updated over the air (OTA), meaning the energy management of the EQE is optimally maintained throughout its entire life cycle.

Internally, the EQE is home to some of the latest technology from the brand. Energizing Air Control Plus keeps the air inside the cabin clean and pure, thanks to the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter trapping fine particles, micro-particles, pollen and other external substances that enter with outside air. In addition, an activated charcoal coating helps to reduce sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other odours in the interior. The internal air filter of the EQE has in fact been awarded an "OFI CERT" ZG 250-1 certification from the Austrian Research and Testing Institute (OFI) with respect to viruses and bacteria.

MBUX is taken to a new level with the latest generation of models, with the introduction of optional extra MBUX Hyperscreen. A curved screen unit covers almost the entire expanse between each A-Pillar; three screens sit beneath a glass cover so as to appear as one. Passengers benefit from their own 12.3-inch OLED display and control area. In Europe this display allows passengers to watch dynamic content even while on the move; intelligent camera-based blocking systems dims the content if it identifies that the driver is looking at the passenger display.

As part of a persistent bid to improve the sustainability of their vehicles in terms of both performance and production, Mercedes-Benz have used steel from Salzgitter AG to build the EQE, which is 100% recycled and reduces the Co2 emissions in rolled steel production by more than 60%.

We can’t wait to see more of this innovative vehicle. To register your interest and to learn more, please get in touch with your local Sandown Retailer.

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