The new GLS

The new GLS models: fresh look, new Software

The Mercedes-Benz GLS and Mercedes-Maybach GLS are getting a facelift with the below features:

  • New paint finishes, interior colours and interior trim
  • Upgraded standard equipment, new options
  • Engine portfolio fully electrified and hybrid technology being introduced
  • Upgraded front and rear design with new light design
  • NTG 7 (new MBUX) with Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
  • New steering wheel design.

The latest Mercedes‑Benz GLS models can be recognised by the even more striking radiator grille. The four louvres are galvanised in high-quality Silver Shadow. The bumper is also visually more prominent. It features integrated air inlet grilles, combined with a surround in high-gloss black.

As before, the Mercedes-Benz GLS is a seven-seater as standard. With Catalana beige and Bahia brown, two new leather colours available. The louvres of the centre and side air vents are galvanised in Silver Shadow - another detail that will be familiar from the Mercedes‑Maybach GLS.

The "Off-Road Mode" in the current MBUX generation turns special content such as gradient, lateral inclination, compass and steering angle into a visual experience. Thanks to the standard Parking Package with 360‑degree camera, it offers the "transparent bonnet" function. When the Offroad mode is active, the central display shows a virtual view under the front of the vehicle. The view is composed of the images from the 360°camera. With the "transparent bonnet", obstacles such as large stones or deep potholes on the route ahead can be better recognised.

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