The Definitive Guide to buying a Used Mercedes-Benz

So you are in the market for a new car and your heart is set on a Mercedes-Benz. But you’re still considering the different factors of buying a used vehicle.

There are a lot of questions you need to answer first, for example; what are the benefits of buying used, what do I need consider before purchasing, and which models would best suit my needs?

That’s why we have put together a buying guide for you below, to help you decide if a used Mercedes-Benz is right for you.

What are the benefits of buying a used Mercedes-Benz?

Whilst you may have some doubts or a few concerns when purchasing a used vehicle, like longevity and whether some of the features date quite quickly, the good thing about buying a used Mercedes-Benz is that a lot of those concerns aren’t an issue because of the quality of engineering.

When you purchase a Mercedes-Benz you know that you are not just buying a car but the brand too. This entitles you to a range of benefits that are not always included when buying a used car elsewhere or from a different manufacturer.

Benefits include:

  • You will receive the vehicle’s history of quality craftsmanship
  • Advanced features and technology not found in most used cars
  • A lower price compared with a new vehicle due to depreciation
  • Luxury, style and comfort from a leading high-end automotive brand
  • Mercedes-Benz have a reputation for safety with a variety of features available on older models.

The benefits of owning a used Mercedes-Benz from Sandown:

  • Our Certified Technicians complete a comprehensive multi-point check of all our Approved Used vehicles prior to them appearing on our website, and again before you drive away
  • We ensure every vehicle's history and mileage is independently checked and verified, making your concerns a thing of the past
  • Every Approved Used Mercedes-Benz comes with a guarantee of at least 12 month's comprehensive unlimited mileage* warranty
  • If your Approved Used vehicle fails its first MOT after purchase, we will cover the cost** of replacing, repairing or altering parts
  • If your vehicle is due a service in the first 3,000 miles or 3 months of ownership (whichever comes first), we will ensure the vehicle is serviced prior to leaving the forecourt
  • You will receive 7 days complimentary vehicle insurance when you purchase an Approved Used with us, so you can drive away happy knowing you're covered
  • All of our Approved Used vehicles come with key insurance, so in the unfortunate event you lose or damage your keys, a claim can be submitted to recover the cost of a replacement
  • You can be assured that our Technicians use only Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts when completing work on an Approved Used vehicle
  • If you purchase a Mercedes-Benz from Sandown over 3 years’ old with us you will be entitled to receive exclusive discounts on you MOT, parts and labour through our Platinum Programme.

*Subject to terms and conditions. Please note the wear and tear benefit is not applicable for vehicles over 3 years of age which have exceeded 100,000 miles. **For vehicles over two years old. Up to the purchase price of the vehicle. Covers the cost of replacing, repairing or altering covered parts (up to a maximum value of £750 including VAT) that have caused the car to fail its MOT within 30 days of the due date. Cover runs for at least one year.

What you need to know before you purchase a used Mercedes-Benz

We have listed some key questions to consider before you purchase a used Mercedes-Benz.

What car suits your lifestyle and needs best?

When you purchase a used vehicle always remember to consider what you require of the vehicle to suit your needs. Do you need a larger boot for sporting equipment? Are you purchasing the car for family purposes or fun? What engine size do you want based on your average mileage per week?

How old do you want the car to be?

If you are interested in specific requirements then it’s worth considering how old are you willing to go? If the latest technology is a key factor in your buying decision then a vehicle over 9 years’ old won’t necessarily be the most suitable.

How many miles are you likely to drive the vehicle? If you’re unlikely to drive long distances and you have a limited budget then an older vehicle at a lower price might be a better option.

The mileage of the used vehicle?

If you have always assumed that the older the vehicle the higher the mileage or maybe you’ve thought that high mileage vehicles won’t last long and are more likely to have underlying issues, then now is the time to bust those myths.

Many newly used vehicles or demonstrators have very low mileage in comparison to other used vehicles. Whilst older Mercedes-Benz used vehicles are often still available with high mileage due to the resilience of the running gear and the quality of parts.

But above all, when considering the mileage please remember that the vehicle’s history is just as important and tells a more accurate story than the number of miles.

The features you want the vehicle to include?

What features of car are most important to you and your lifestyle? Do you travel a lot for work and want the additional interior comforts for every journey? Are you seeking a stylish and sporty vehicle look? Then you’ll need to consider the different packages available, whether it’s a Sport or AMG Line.

Vehicle history and important checks?

Crucial to your research and investigation of any used vehicle is its history and the checks that have been carried out prior to purchase. Are there any specific checks that you are keen to ask about? Also, think about who you are purchasing from. If it’s an individual you may not receive the full vehicle history nor a warranty, whereas an official representative of Mercedes-Benz like ourselves will ensure thorough multi-point checks have been carried out.

If you have concerns or doubts the best action to take is to speak to an expert from an official representative retailer of Mercedes-Benz who will answer your questions and help you find the perfect Approved Used Mercedes-Benz for your requirements and lifestyle.

Once you have an answer to all of the questions above you should have a good idea of what you’re now looking for. However, if you’re not quite sure yet or are just looking for a steer, below is a list of the best used car models for Mercedes-Benz.

The best used Mercedes-Benz models

Approved Used A-Class

The A-Class is now available as a hatchback or saloon depending on your needs and preference. This model is the perfect match for a first-time Mercedes-Benz buyer if you’re a new driver, or alternatively an experienced driver with a family. Safety and technology have advanced over time with this model, as well as a sportier executive look for the newer models. But regardless of age the A-Class still continues to be a popular favourite amongst Mercedes-Benz owners.

To browse our latest Approved Used A-Class stock, click here.

Approved Used C-Class

The most successful Mercedes-Benz model ever, the C-Class captivates with its winning formula of efficiency, dynamism and luxurious comfort. Models include: the estate – a timeless family car that proves itself time and again; the saloon – a sharp and purposeful executive car featuring dramatic lines and beautifully balanced proportions; the cabriolet – the c-class that makes a clear statement for powerful design; and finally the coupé – boasting a perfectly toned body, its dynamic lines and clear-cut, muscular surfaces are the essence of sporty coupé design.

To browse our latest Approved Used C-Class stock, click here.

Approved Used E-Class

The stunning E-Class range blends dynamic looks with exemplary performance, comfort and safety. Inside, it’s all about quality and attention to detail, with high-class touches and advanced technology progressing beyond many other used cars over time. The E-Class range also includes the estate, saloon, cabriolet and coupé. All of which are dynamic, elegant and luxurious.

To browse our latest Approved Used E-Class stock, click here.

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