Extraordinary value on minor repairs.

Extraordinary value on minor repairs

Using skilled, experienced bodywork technicians and the latest technology, we can keep your vehicle in pristine condition with minimum cost and convenience. We are happy to provide a quote to repair the following damage:

Paintless Dent Removal PDR

Is a suitable repair technique for all small dents, such as those caused by other car doors, shopping trolleys and even hailstones, without the need to paint the panel.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Scuffed alloys can significantly detract from the visual appearance of a vehicle. Fortunately, most kerb damage to the rim and fascia can be repaired without the need to replace the wheel, and we can match any silver painted finish.

Chip and Scuff Repair

Scuffs and scratches to bumpers and other panels on the car are both unsightly and substantially reduce the value of a vehicle. Manufacturer approved SMART repair provides a high quality, low cost alternative to that of a traditional body shop, and in a significantly shorter time frame. All body repairs are carried out to meet Mercedes-Benz paint work standards and so will not affect your vehicle warranty.

Interior Repair

Scratches to dashboards, worn leather and cigarette burns are just a few examples of the type of damage that can be found in many vehicles. Advanced materials and techniques are used to reconstruct damaged areas, leaving virtually undetectable repairs.

Machine Polishing

Give your car a little ‘TLC’ with a full mop and polish to remove those fine scratches on unbroken paintwork.

Glass Repair

Eliminate the risk of an expensive insurance claim by getting your glass chips repaired as soon as you notice them and keep your no-claims bonus protected. All of these minor repairs are carried out on site.

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