Black has regained its crown as the most popular car colour in the UK, overtaking white which had been the most popular colour between 2013 and 2016.  Prior to that, from 2009 to 2012, black had been the most popular.

An analysis by Auto Express of figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders found that 75% of new cars sold in 2017 were either black (20.3%), grey (19.7%), white (19%) or blue (16%).

Colour                    Sales        Market share     % change on 2016

Black                  515,970                         20.3%                                  +0.2%

Grey                    500,714                         19.7%                                  +2.4%

White                 482,099                             19%                                   -1.5%

Blue                    405,758                             16%                                  +0.6%

Silver                  254,192                             10%                                   -0.1%

Red                      251,104                            9.9%                                   -1.4%

Green                    26,834                            1.1%                                  +0.0%

Orange                 19,064                            0.8%                                  +0.1%

Bronze                 12,421                            0.5%                                  +0.2%

Yellow                  10,301                            0.4%                                   -0.1%

Grey cars registered the biggest growth rate within the Top Ten, but overall it was sales of gold cars that increased the most – up 19.1% to around 5,000 cars.  Meanwhile, the popularity of brown cars fell by 33% to around 15,000 cars, and the popularity of silver – the most popular car colour in the UK from 2000 to 2008 – continues to wane.

Meanwhile, a report published by Axalta Coating Systems shows that, on a worldwide basis, white is the most popular car colour (39% of new cars sold), ahead of black (16%), grey and silver (both 11%).  The overwhelming lead of white is due mainly to Asia, where 52% of new cars sold in 2017where white.

“With its modern appeal, white continues to be the top seller worldwide,” said Nancy Lockhart, Axalta’s Global Colour Marketing Manager.  She also noted that pearlescent whites had gained four percentage points last year, while solid white was two points down, and added:  “Overall, light and bright colours continue to gain strength as light grey and light to medium shades of blue have increased interest in the market." 

Added: 07 February 2018

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