Added: 28 July 2016

Bringing Luxury to The Golf Course

If you are looking to bring a little bit of class and luxury to the golf course then we have the solution for you.

Mercedes-Benz has collaborated with golf cart producer Garia to put together a concept for a luxury golf cart. The model will change the way you get around the golf course and your overall experience of golfing.

Mercedes-Benz Golf Cart Specifications

This is not a simple golf cart, it comes with more gadgets than you could ever imagine and will change the way you travel round a golf course. Like all Garia models the environmentally friendly cart is powered by an electric motor and can reach speeds of 18.6mph. In total the range is 49.7 miles, we are sure this would be enough for a few rounds of golf. This is where the similarities with other Garia golf carts stop, the Mercedes-Benz influence is classy, stylish and smart and hasn’t been seen before on the golf course.

The shape resembles the Smart Fortwo, but without the doors. The front of the cart showcases LED headlights and a dimpled grille, inspired by golf balls. The body and interior boasts leather, wood and carbon-fibre and high spec gadgets such as a 10.1 infotainment screen, where you can check out the layout of the golf course, handy right? The infotainment system also stores the scores, weather updates, vehicle information and it allows the driver to order refreshments to be delivered. If you don’t want to drink those refreshments right away, there is a refrigerator under the bench seat. There is nothing that Mercedes and Garia have missed out in this design, it incorporates everything you would need for a day on the golf course, even down to a golf ball storage under the dashboard to store those extra golf balls, just in case yours get lost on the water hole.

It has not been confirmed whether it will go into production, but it could do with enough demand, so stay tuned for further information. We think this golf cart would make a great edition to any day at the golf course!