Added: 14 December 2016

The E-Class family are welcoming a brand new member: The Coupé.

The E Class family has previously produced sensational vehicles such as, the Estate, All-Terrain and the executive saloon.

The New E-Class Coupé appeals to heart and mind through its contemporary luxury, high technology engineering and agile sportiness. The E-Class Coupé can comfortably seat four people and still offer a refined sense of driving pleasure. With this design featuring smartphone integration, widescreen cockpit and the latest driver assistance systems, it is clear to say the E-Class Coupé will live up to its unbeatable reputation. 

The interior of the new E-Class Coupé exemplifies sporty emotion and the highest of luxury intelligence through two optionally available high–resolution 12.3 inch displays. The displays are merged under a single lens to produce a floating widescreen Cockpit effect. The screen width is emphasized alongside the fascia-spanning trim with a dynamic sweep alongside the door panel. The brand new designed air vents are heavily influenced through the look of the huge turbine engine. As well as the turbine influence, the driving can be experienced through three different styles, “Classic”, “Sport” and “Progressive”, depending on which information and views the driver selects.

A range of powerful and efficient petrol and diesel engines are available for the E-Class Coupé, all of which are equipped with ECO start/stop and Euro 6 emissions standard. The E-Class Coupé includes a new 2.0 litre engine that is designed to meet the future RDE limits. 

UK pricing and specification will be announced later this month, with first deliveries arriving April 2017.