Added: 01 December 2016

The incredible Tusker's Last Stand was last night unveiled to a crowd of nearly 100 people at the Mercedes-Benz of Poole showroom

The painting, by award-winning wildlife artist Jonathan Truss, took 4 weeks to complete and Jonathan often worked 12-hours days in the showroom, to complete the painting on time. 

Nearly 100 guests attended the event, including Jonathan's friends and family, the team who accompanied him on his Tsavo East trip and Mercedes-Benz invitees - many of whom are admirers or current owners of Jonathan's work. The unveiling was also streamed to Jonathan's 6,000 online followers and supporters via Facebook Live, with more than 1500 people watching in real time. 

There was also a raffle, with the prize of a pencil sketch of Tuskers Last Stand, which raised more than £400 for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. 

The idea behind the painting, titled ‘Tusker’s Last Stand,’ stemmedfrom Jonathan’s many trips to Africa where he has been lucky enough to experience Big Tuskers, with tusks over 100lbs each, in their natural habitat. 

Jonathan said: “In recent times the world elephant population has been decimated by man. Once a species you could count in the millions now in desperate trouble.

And now incredibly there are quite likely as few as just 30 Big Tuskers left, just 30! If elephants are not protected it is conceivable that they could be extinct within our lifetimes. Just think about that for a moment – that your grandchildren could only see an elephant in a zoo?  How desperately sad is that?”

The painting will be sold in a silent auction which begins today and concludes on 19th December, for more information on this one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, or to place your bid, please speak to Jonathan directly on 07765003309. 

The larger proportion of the sale will be donated to the wildlife charities Jonathan so strongly supports. 

Thank you to all those attended.