Road Damage Inspection - Just £19.99

During the winter months, Sandown Mercedes-Benz are offering a Road Damage Inspection for £19.99 to help with the effects of Britain's roads.

Although we all do our best to avoid these irritating obstacles, sometimes the nasty bang associated with running into a pothole is unavoidable. What's more, this annoying coming together may have unfortunately damaged your tyres, wheel alignment or more seriously, your shock absorbers and suspension.
Well - we can’t repair the holes in the road but we can help with the effect they may have had on your car.
We will not only be checking for any damaged caused by potholes but also the general wear and tear that driving in winter conditions causes to your Mercedes-Benz.
The road damage inspection will take approximately 40 minutes, allowing us to carry out a range of comprehensive checks using our latest diagnostic equipment.
A visual inspection of:
- Suspension
- Steering
- Shock Absorbers
It may well be that your car is in perfectly good condition, however, if not, it’s better to be safe.

To book your Road Damage Inspection, please contact your nearest Sandown retailer.

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Road Damage Inspection

Road Damage Inspection

Road Damage Check for just £19.99